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what does 65 downloads mean?

2008-08-12 16:52:16 by Toenothon

I just wanted to point out an observation...
on one of my songs "Orientally_Inclined" it says 4 votes, 158 listens, and 65 downloads just below the rating score... Does that mean random people have downloaded my song 65 times, or is it some kind of bot downloading the song whenever someone types "orientally" into Google (or some other search engine). Hope anyone can help me out with my question...


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2008-08-12 17:14:51

It means that 4 votes have been cast on the submission, the submission page has been seen 158 times and 65 individuals have downloaded it. If somebody has downloaded it multiple times, it will only count once

(Updated ) Toenothon responds:

nice, thats cool... thanks, the information is greatly appreciated.

But how about this: on my other song "Oriental_Orchestra" there are 82 downloads, only 29 listens, and 4 votes... ?...?


2008-08-12 17:40:09

He's right.

But it's a bit weird that you only had 4 votes but 65 people downloaded the song.
That means 61 people liked your tune enough to download it but couldn't be bothered to vote.



(Updated ) Toenothon responds:

agreed... but I don't know...


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